2020 - Best Thong Underwear for Exercise, Travel, & Adventure

When your next stop is adventure, be sure your underwear don’t cause a detour. We've done the research on this year's best performance undies and the 5 picks below are ready for any challenge.



Price: $26

Sizing Tip: Most ExOfficio runs large, but the thongs run small. Be sure to size up for optimal comfort.

Pros: These are the go-to underwear choice of many top female adventurers. Made from a soft stretchy nylon and bulletproofed with HeiQ Smart Temp & Fresh Tech fabric finish, these underwear harness modern technology to deliver performance to your Southern regions. The technical fabric helps to regulate body temperature, wicks away moisture to keep your parts dry, and is odor resistant for that extra fresh feeling, even after a day of getting after it.

Cons: Some people have commented that the thong is too high rise in the back, so it might not work well for lower rise pants or more cropped style shirts.

Top Customer Comment:"Better than air. These are phenomenal for every day use. Super breathable, very easy to clean in the sink if you're on the go, and fast drying."


Price: $29

Sizing Tip: Runs True

Pros: You might cringe when you think of wearing wool underwear, but Icebreaker has figured out how to turn this normally itchy material into natural fabric gold. Their underwear are crafted from a super light, finely spun Merino Wool & LYCRA® blend. Together they create crazy soft, moisture wicking, odor repelling underwear magic. These underwear are also most likely to outlast all others because Icebreakers also uses a Corespun fabric process which is said to make fabrics up to 50% more durable then using a standard spinning process.

Cons: Some users have complained about the cost and also that the tag can be annoying, even after it's been cut out.

Top Customer Comment:"These are absolutely wonderful. Wore them on my Inca Trail Hike in Peru...aka no showering for 4 days. They held up great!"


Price: $17.99

Sizing Tip: Size up one size

Pros: Want to do what’s best for the planet and your lady biz at the same time? Meet Dokoyo, an up and coming brand out of Bali that’s making a splash in the underwear world. These undies are flying off shelves for two reasons. First, they are made from recycled plastic (think used water bottles, etc). Wizard-like scientists have found a way to transform waste into amazingly soft high performance fabric. DoKoYo then uses the material to make the perfect pair of underwear. Secondly, the comfort factor is exceptional. These underwear do not pinch/gather/ride or wedge at all, and the tagless construction means there’s nothing scratchy to drive you nuts. Another bonus is that these underwear come in so many playful patterns and colors, you’ll never get bored.

Cons: Customers have commented that the thong sizing runs a little small so be sure to size up one size if you're on the fence.

Top Customer Comment:"Absolutely obsessed! The most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. I’ve washed and washed and they still look and feel new. I know it's time to do laundry when I'm out of my DoKoYo's."

Under Armour


Sizing Tip: Runs True

Price: 3 pairs for around $25

Pros: Fashion No No 101 - Underwear lines under yoga pants.  If you’re looking for a great pair of seamless underwear that will be truly undetectable during that downward dog, these thongs by Under Armour could be your best friend. Soft stretchy material, anti-odor technology, and tagless construction  make these undies a good one to bet on and the price point can't be beat for performance underwear.

Cons: Seams are made to hold underwear in place and the seamless construction can be a problem if you’re doing any type of more vigorous exercise. Customers have complained that they don’t stay in place during tougher workouts.  We would keep these on rotation for lighter workout days or travel days.

Top Customer Comment:

"A big winner for ladies who hate thongs"



Sizing Tip: Runs True

Price: $20

Pros: When you want to forget you're wearing underwear, reach for these softies from Lululemon. Made with seamless construction for a no-show and no-chafe experience, they are soft, lightweight, and ultra breathable. Women also appreciate a slightly higher cut in the back that keeps them from riding down.

Cons: These underwear are made more for comfort than performance. These are great for travel days but maybe not the perfect choice for days when you really want to sweat it out.

Top Customer Comment:

"These underwear are so comfortable that I can sleep in them"

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